Publications, Bibliography

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2015    ‘Graffiti. New York meets The Dam’. Catalog to exhibition at Amsterdam Museum. In collaboration with Dutch Graffiti Library. Independent publication.

2014    ‘7 Compositions’ Leporello. Independent publication.


Guest author publications:

2012    ‘Groundnut Soup from Ghana’ – The Four Elements Cookbook, FHTF Publishers

2011    ‘Mickey’ , Cause We Got Style - Rosy One, Dokument Press

2011    ‘Amsterdam Subway - inside art’, Hell Yeah Magazine, Australia

2009    ‘Confessions of a Bamboo Addict’, Hell Yeah Magazine, Australia

2001    ‘Graffiti in Groningen City’, Fuck Off Magazine, Amsterdam

1992    ‘Graffiti in Groningen’,  Groninger Museum Newspaper.


Publications featuring work:

2016    All City Queens – L.Lisowiec, UK. Independent publication.

2015    Maak het met Kunstenaars /Create with Artists, An Art Activity Book For Everyone

R. Hulshoff & H. Piksen, BIS Publishers i.c.w. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

2015    10x10, Mister Adam x Stickit Publications

2014    Blade, King of Graffiti – S. Ogburn, R. Gastman, C. Pape, Schiffer Publishing.

2012    The Four Elements Cookbook – G. Bachmann, FHTF Publishers.

2012    KBTR, de Utrechtse Kabouter – KBTR and R. Koopman, Booyabase Publishers.

2012    Hello our name is Lastplak and we love to paint - C. Versteeg, Trichis Publishing.

2011    Graffiti 365 – Jay Adlin, Abrams, USA.

2011    World Piecebook, Global Graffiti Drawings–S. Jenkins & D. Villorente, Prestell.

2011    Cause We Got Style, European HipHop Posing from the 80’s and early 90’s–Rosy One, 

            Dokument Press.

2010    Graffiti Coloring Book 2 - Jacob Kimvall, Dokument Press.

2009    Broken Windows, Graffiti NYC - James & Karla Murray, Ginko press, revised edit.

2009    Sento, The Fantastic Partners - Alain Maridueña, FHTF Publishing.

2009    Smoelwerk – De Ontwikkeling van Hip Hop in Nederland 1999-2009 - HIJS i.s.m.

Uitgeverij De Boekfabriek.

2006    Burning NewYork - James & Karla Murray Ginko Press.

2006    Graffiti Woman - N. Ganz, Thames & Hudson.

2004    Amsterdam Graffiti, The Battle of Waterloo - R. Koopman, H. Sonnemans,

M.van Tiggelen,  Stadsuitgeverij Amsterdam.

2003    In Holland Staat Een Piece II - I.van Dalen, B. van den Boomen,

M. van der Meulen, Independent publication.

2002    Broken Windows, Graffiti NYC - James & Karla Murray, Ginko press.

2001    New York Graffiti - Michiko Rico Nosé, Graphic-sha Publishing Co Ltd.

2000    In Holland Staat Een Piece - I. van Dalen, Platijn Casparie press, Netherlands.


Newspaper/Magazine features:

2015    ‘Piece of Art’, De Volkskrant, 17 September 2015

2015    ‘We Live Art’ with Aruna Vermeulen about Boymans’ graffiti collection.

2015    ‘Mick La Rock’, InkStyle Magazine, June 2012

2006    ‘Street Girls’, Modart Magazine, April/May 2006

2005    ‘Mickey’, Viva, May 2005

2000    ‘Muurbloempjes’, Reload magazine, 2000

1998    ‘Een meid die schrijft’, Het Parool, 30 May 1998

1993    ‘Graffiti van de straat’, Leeuwarder Courant, 28 May 1993