Mick La Rock is one of the world's first and most well known female graffiti artists.                     

Aileen Esther Middel, born 1970 Groningen, Netherlands, currently lives and works

in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Graffiti Artist

Urban Art consultant

City Curator Street Art and Graffiti for Municipality of Amsterdam


Solo exhibitions

2014                7 Compositions, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost/Centre for

                        Visual Arts Southeast, Amsterdam

2013                Knitting & Graffiti, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost/Centre for

                        Visual Arts Southeast, Amsterdam

2012                Mick La Rock, ArtUnit, Haarlem


Group exhibitions

2018              Graffiti, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki

2017               Nationale Opera en Ballet, Amsterdam.

2016               Banksy, Artotel Amsterdam

2016               Torenkamer Festival, Amsterdam

2015               Vitrine van Zuidoost, OBA Amsterdam

2015               Towers of Power, MoMa design store, NYC

2014               Myth & Muse, an hommage to Frida Kahlo, Go Gallery, Amsterdam

2013               1st Urban Art Biennale, Museum Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte, Völklingen

2012               Windows to Wonder, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam

2011                10 Days of Art, Gallerie Vincent Vlasblom Art&Projects, Bergen

2011                Don’t Give A Sh*t, ODD, Bari

2011                Urban Art 21, Museum Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte, Völklingen

2010               Sweet Things, Crewest Gallery, Los Angeles

2010               Ladies First, Lev Kaupas, Amsterdam

2009              Kweens Destroy, Mc.Caig Welles Gallery, New York City

2008              Ladies With An Attitude, Tacheles Galerie, Berlin

2006              Kersvers, Post CS, Amsterdam

2005              B Girl Be, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis

2005              SubGlob, Örebro Konsthallen, Örebro

2000              In Holland Staat Een Piece, GoGallery, Amsterdam

1993               Graffiti and Beyond, Gallerie Van Hulsen, Leeuwarden            

1992               Coming From The Subway, Groninger Museum, Groningen


Selected commissioned murals

2018               Baana Bicycle track, collab with Blade, commissioned by HAM Helsinki.

2018               Interior mural in collaboration with Blade, Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki

2014               Freedom Blue, exterior mural, Radlická, Prague.

2013               Au Bonheur Des Dames, Mural in collaboration with Paulina Olowska,

                       Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

2013               Vad Vi Vill/What We Want, Interior murals, Söndrumsskolan, Halmstad

2012               Entrance Imagine IC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2011                Meet ‘n Greet, Interior mural, ABN AMRO Bank head office, Amsterdam

2011                ABN AMRO Bank management board office, Amsterdam

2010                Everyone’s A Critic, in collaboration with Shok1 and ECB. Exterior mural,

                        Leunabunker Frankfurt Höchst, 

                        commissioned by city of Frankfurt

2010                Interior mural, Museum Scryption, Tilburg

2009               Zuidoost Sunshine, Exterior mural, Amsterdamse Poort,

                       commissioned by City of Amsterdam

2008               Bijlmer Style, Exterior mural, for CD cover ‘BijlmerStyle III’, Amsterdam

2007               Royal, Exterior murals, for community center for youth and arts,

                       commissioned by City of Amsterdam.

2006               Kraaienest Plaza, Exterior mural, for shopping mall, commissioned by

                       City of Amsterdam

2001                Glitter, Exterior advertisement murals for Mariah Carrey, New York City

1999/2002      Interior murals, Café De Duivel, Amsterdam

1999                Interior mural, Colloseum, Jersey City,

1995                Interior mural, Beatrix Children's Hospital, Groningen

1994                Interior mural, Hanzehogeschool, Groningen

1993/1999       NYC: murals with Lady Pink, Daze, Zephyr, Iz The Wiz, Sach, Kase2,

                       Erni Vales, Klass, Claw and others.

1993                Exterior murals Emmaviaduct/-bridge in collaboration with Quik,

                       commissioned by the City of Groningen

1993                Facet, Interior mural, Rabobank head office, Zeist


Selected live painting:

2018                (expected, Aug'18) Gottsunda,  Uppsala

2015                Carbon X, Melbourne

2014                Grolsch 400, Amterdam

2014                PastPresentFuture, Prague

2012                Forever Young, 123Klan's 20st Anniverary, New York

2012                RAW Berlin, Berlin

2011/2012        Step in the Arena, Eindhoven

2010                Where My Girls At, Historical Museum Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2010                Bling Bling Chicas, Witzenhausen Gallery, Amsterdam

2009                Parkpop, The Hague

2009                Street Science, Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst/ Centre for Fine Arts,

                         Rotterdam, Netherlands

2008                The Rhythm The Rebel, Zwolle

2008                We B Girls, Berlin

2008                Street Science, Rotterdam

2004/2005      Write 4 Gold, Stuttgard and Münster

2003                Fight the Power, Biel

2003/2006      Meeting of Styles, Almere and Eindhoven

2003                Blockjam, Haaksbergen

2000/2001       Drum Rhythm Festival, Amsterdam

1998                 Livin' Large, München

1998                 Fresh Attitude, Dunkerque

1996                Subkult, Copenhagen

1994                All Female Jam, Berlin


Selected graphic client work

1999 - 2011     Clients include: Reebok Europe, MTV Europe, University Medical

                       Centre Groningen, Webster Hall NYC, High Times Awards,

                       Groninger Museum.


Projects curated:

2014 - 2018   'Save Our Keith Haring'. Bringing Keith Haring's 1986 hidden 'Amsterdam Mural' back to the public.

2017              Graffiti,  Tattoo Expo Amsterdam.

2015              ‘Graffiti. New York meets The Dam’. Guest curator at Amsterdam Museum.

1992              ‘Graffiti in Groningen’, slide show for exhibition ‘Coming from the subway’, Groninger Museum.


Selected artist talks, workshops and masterclasses:

2018 Lecture ‘Graffiti in the Netherlands 1979-1985’, Uppsala, Sweden

2018 Lecture ‘Graffiti and Street Art’, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

2017    Talk panel 'Keith Haring', Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

2017    Talk panel for #ViralVandals exhibition, MU art space, Eindhoven.

2017    Lecture 'Art and the Amsterdam Subway', for Urban Stories Festival, Amsterdam

2016    Lecture ‘Musicá Graffitica’ about graffiti and classical music, for

            Royal Concertbuilding Orchestra, AAA festival, Amsterdam

2016    Lecture ‘Graffiti and Street Art’ for Stadslicht, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam

2015    Lecture ‘How to value graffiti as contemprary art’, Reinwardt Academy Amsterdam

2015    Lecture ‘The history of Dutch Graffiti and the carreer of Mick la Rock',

            Carbon X icw Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Australia

2015    Lecture 'Graffiti: the art form, vandalism and contemporary street art' for N8,


2014    Workshop 'Keith Haring and Graffiti' for Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and

            Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

2012    Masterclass ‘Graffiti - Female Hip Hop’ for Imagine IC, Amsterdam

2001    Lecture ‘The influence of graffiti on couture fashion’ for Artemis, Amsterdam



2015    ‘Graffiti. New York meets The Dam’. Catalog to exhibition at Amsterdam Museum.

            In collaboration with Dutch Graffiti Library. Independent publication.

2014    ‘7 Compositions’ Leporello. Independent publication.


Guest author publications:

2012    ‘Groundnut Soup from Ghana’ – The Four Elements Cookbook, FHTF Publishers

2011     ‘Mickey’ , Cause We Got Style - Rosy One, Dokument Press

2011     ‘Amsterdam Subway - inside art’, Hell Yeah Magazine, Australia

2009   ‘Confessions of a Bamboo Addict’, Hell Yeah Magazine, Australia

2001    ‘Graffiti in Groningen City’, Fuck Off Magazine, Amsterdam

1992    ‘Graffiti in Groningen’,  Groninger Museum Newspaper.


Publications featuring art work:

2016    All City Queens – L.Lisowiec, UK. Independent publication.

2015    Maak het met Kunstenaars /Create with Artists, An Art Activity Book For Everyone

           – R. Hulshoff & H. Piksen, BIS Publishers i.c.w. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

2015    10x10, Mister Adam x Stickit Publications

2014    Blade, King of Graffiti – S. Ogburn, R. Gastman, C. Pape, Schiffer Publishing.

2012    The Four Elements Cookbook – G. Bachmann, FHTF Publishers.

2012    KBTR, de Utrechtse Kabouter – KBTR and R. Koopman, Booyabase Publishers.

2012    Hello our name is Lastplak and we love to paint - C. Versteeg, Trichis Publishing.

2011     Graffiti 365 – Jay Adlin, Abrams, USA.

2011     World Piecebook, Global Graffiti Drawings–S. Jenkins & D. Villorente, Prestell.

2011      Cause We Got Style, European HipHop Posing from the 80’s and early 90’s–Rosy

            One, Dokument Press.

2010    Graffiti Coloring Book 2 - Jacob Kimvall, Dokument Press.

2009    Broken Windows, Graffiti NYC - James & Karla Murray, Ginko press, revised edit.

2009    Sento, The Fantastic Partners - Alain Maridueña, FHTF Publishing.

2009    Smoelwerk – De Ontwikkeling van Hip Hop in Nederland 1999-2009 - HIJS i.s.m.

             Uitgeverij De Boekfabriek.

2006    Burning NewYork - James & Karla Murray Ginko Press.

2006    Graffiti Woman - N. Ganz, Thames & Hudson.

2004    Amsterdam Graffiti, The Battle of Waterloo - R. Koopman, H. Sonnemans,

             M.van Tiggelen,  Stadsuitgeverij Amsterdam.

2003     In Holland Staat Een Piece II - I.van Dalen, B. van den Boomen,

             M. van der Meulen, Independent publication.

2002    Broken Windows, Graffiti NYC - James & Karla Murray, Ginko press.

2001     New York Graffiti - Michiko Rico Nosé, Graphic-sha Publishing Co Ltd.

2000    In Holland Staat Een Piece - I. van Dalen, Platijn Casparie press, Netherlands.


Newspaper/Magazine features:

2018    'Keith Haring Mural In Amsterdam is Uncovered After Nearly 30 Years', New York Times, 26 June 2018.

2018    'Muurschildering Keith Haring Weer Te Zien', De Telegraaf, 20 Juni 2018.

2018    'Gigantische Mural Keith Haring Weer Te Zien', Het Parool, 20 Juni 2018.

2018    'Groovy Zeebeest' Van Keith Haring Komt Na 30 Jaar Weer Tevoorschijn', De Volkskrant, 23 June 2018.

2015    ‘Piece of Art’, De Volkskrant, 17 September 2015

2015    ‘We Live Art’ Arttube.nl with Aruna Vermeulen about Boymans’ graffiti collection.

2015    ‘Mick La Rock’, InkStyle Magazine, June 2012

2006    ‘Street Girls’, Modart Magazine, April/May 2006

2005    ‘Mickey’, Viva, May 2005

2000    ‘Muurbloempjes’, Reload magazine, 2000

1998    ‘Een meid die schrijft’, Het Parool, 30 May 1998

1993    ‘Graffiti van de straat’, Leeuwarder Courant, 28 May 1993


Internationally distributed documentary appearance:

2016     Girl Power Movie, director: Sany Baby. Punkfilm, Prague.    

2008    Bomb It - The Movie, director: Jon Reiss. Antidote Films, New York.


Selected nationally broadcasted television appearance:

2018                Amsterdam Keith Haring Mural, NOS Journaal, 22 June 2018.

2016                Interview with RTL Z 'Van Liept Live' about the institutionalisation of graffiti/street art in musea.

2015                Kunstuur - special about Keith Haring, AVROTROS, 27 September 2015.

2015                Graffiti. New York meets The Dam. NOS Journaal, 18 September 2015

2012                Avenue de l’Europe, Les Tags, du rejet à la reconnaissance artistique,

                        France 3, 23 February 2012

2005               b-MTV, MTV Europe, May 2005

2003-2009     Videos for various Dutch rap artists (Ali B, Akon, Lange Frans, Dret en Krulle)

2003                MTV Europe/Reebok commercial

1992                ‘Coming From The Subway', NOVA, 03 October 1992            



2005-2013      Artless, educational institute for fine art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2004-2005     Selected for artistic training at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Netherlands

                        Selected for admission to the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Netherlands

1990-1996       Pedagische Academie Basis Onderwijs/Teacher's College for Primary

                        Education, Groningen, Netherlands

1984-1990       Augustinus College, Voortgezet Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs. City of

                        Groningen and City of The Hague, Netherlands


Mick La Rock (Aileen Middel, Groningen, 1970) is Europe’s first and most well known graffiti artists.
A scholar of the traditional ‘New York School’ graffiti lettering style, she started writing her name MICKEY passionately in 1983.  Conquering The Netherlands in the 80’s, she extended her playground internationally in the 90’s and 2000’s.

Graffiti artists like Dondi, Futura2000, Lady Pink, Blade, Lee Quinones and Quik invited her to come to New York after they met at the exhibition ‘Coming from The Subway’ at the Groninger Museum in 1992.

During the 90’s - 00’s she worked and lived in both Amsterdam and New York, where she collaborated on big mural productions and became part of the New York graffiti scene.

After mastering the art, and working together with most other internationally known graffiti artists (a.o. Iz The Wiz, Kase2, Sento, Smith, Claw, Can2, Smash137, Zedz, Atome, Neon, Milk, Loomit, Musa) she started to look for new challenges.

Intrigued by the question: “What does a letter do when it doesn’t have to be read anymore”, she alienates every element of her old graffiti name into abstraction, away from their original essence and composition. Her minimalistic two-dimensional and three-dimensional work show influences of brutalist mid 20st century architecture and early 20st century Russian abstract art.

Mick La Rock graduated from the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and took classes at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy for Fine Arts, Amsterdam.

She was selected as City Curator Street Art and Graffiti for the Municipality of Amsterdam in 2019.

For the Amsterdam Museum she was the guest curator for the exhibition “Graffiti. New York meets The Dam”(2015-‘16).

For the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam she painted “Au Bonheur Des Dames”, a collaborative mural with Polish artist Paulina Olowska (2013).

LaRock was featured in the graffiti art documentaries “Bomb It” (2006) and ‘Girl Power Movie’ (2015)

Her work has been published in retrospective graffiti books like “Burning New York” – James & Karla Murray(2002), “Graffiti Woman” – Nicholas Ganz  (2006), “Graffiti365” – Jay Adlin (2011), ‘World Piecebook’ – S. Jenkins & D. Villorente (2011).

She is a proud member of graffiti crews The Fantastic Partners, The Master Blasters, Clowns From Hell (NL) and All Female Crew.