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Mick La Rock at Miami Art Week: Wynwood, Art Miami and The Sagamore Hotel

This week is Miami Art week. Mick La Rock will be present at different locations in the city.
From assisting Gallerie Vroom &Varossieau in their booth at Art Miami to painting a mural for the Urban Legends art show  and annual collector's lunch at the Segamore hotel or just hanging out at Wynwood Walls meeting old friends from the graffiti-streetart scene: Mick is all over town.

The results of one week Miami:


Terrace at The Sagamore Hotel, South Beach.


Mural in Little River/Little Haiti

ARTE TV: The Rise Of Graffiti Writing

ARTE TV: The Rise Of Graffiti Writing

ARTE TV newly released an important retrospective documentary about the development of the art of Graffiti Writing in NYC and Europe. Mick La Rock was asked for consultancy and interviewed. Here the full story.

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