dutch hip hop pioneers

Oldschool-Rap reunion, op de radio!

Yo! 2019 started special at the recording studio of 40UPRadio with the legendary DJ Bram van Splunteren. Today his show ‘The Future of Rock ‘n Roll’ turned into ‘The History of Hip Hop’. Bram was one of the first DJ’s who played rapmusic on national radio back in the mid 80’s.

Some of Holland’s first rappers came to the studio to share memories about the early days of hiphop and Bram’s VPRO ‘Wilde Wereld’ radioshow (hosted together with DJ Fons Dellen) that aired in 1985 till 1988/‘89 and, like I said, was the first radioshow playing numerous hip hop tracks on national radio on a weekly basis.

Extince, MC Ricky D, DJ Allstar Fresh, my former alter ego MC Mickey (yes I once was a rapper) and -last but not least- MC Miker G were interviewed about how we made our hiphop in an internet free era and how ‘Wilde Wereld’ played a role in that.
From Hedon Zwolle DJ Serch and Paul came down with a selection of records that The Wilde Wereld used to play.
Grandmaster MWE who used to be Akhnaton’s DJ and programmer in the heydays of the Saturday night open mic sessions at the Akhnaton venue was in the house as well.

It was a reunion to never forget: the basis of what shaped our lives was basically that old radio show and Bram’s 1986 documentary ‘Big Fun In The Big Town’.

The radioshow will be live tonight on www.40UPRadio.nl from 23:00-00:00h. With a second hour on the podcast on Bram’s page on 40UPRadio. The whole 2hr show can later be played on the same podcast: