Oldschool-Rap reunion, op de radio!

Yo! 2019 started special at the recording studio of 40UPRadio with the legendary DJ Bram van Splunteren. Today his show ‘The Future of Rock ‘n Roll’ turned into ‘The History of Hip Hop’. Bram was one of the first DJ’s who played rapmusic on national radio back in the mid 80’s.

Some of Holland’s first rappers came to the studio to share memories about the early days of hiphop and Bram’s VPRO ‘Wilde Wereld’ radioshow (hosted together with DJ Fons Dellen) that aired in 1985 till 1988/‘89 and, like I said, was the first radioshow playing numerous hip hop tracks on national radio on a weekly basis.

Extince, MC Ricky D, DJ Allstar Fresh, my former alter ego MC Mickey (yes I once was a rapper) and -last but not least- MC Miker G were interviewed about how we made our hiphop in an internet free era and how ‘Wilde Wereld’ played a role in that.
From Hedon Zwolle DJ Serch and Paul came down with a selection of records that The Wilde Wereld used to play.
Grandmaster MWE who used to be Akhnaton’s DJ and programmer in the heydays of the Saturday night open mic sessions at the Akhnaton venue was in the house as well.

It was a reunion to never forget: the basis of what shaped our lives was basically that old radio show and Bram’s 1986 documentary ‘Big Fun In The Big Town’.

The radioshow will be live tonight on www.40UPRadio.nl from 23:00-00:00h. With a second hour on the podcast on Bram’s page on 40UPRadio. The whole 2hr show can later be played on the same podcast:



Mick La Rock at Miami Art Week: Wynwood, Art Miami and The Sagamore Hotel

This week is Miami Art week. Mick La Rock will be present at different locations in the city.
From assisting Gallerie Vroom &Varossieau in their booth at Art Miami to painting a mural for the Urban Legends art show  and annual collector's lunch at the Segamore hotel or just hanging out at Wynwood Walls meeting old friends from the graffiti-streetart scene: Mick is all over town.

The results of one week Miami:


Terrace at The Sagamore Hotel, South Beach.


Mural in Little River/Little Haiti

ARTE TV: The Rise Of Graffiti Writing

ARTE TV: The Rise Of Graffiti Writing

ARTE TV newly released an important retrospective documentary about the development of the art of Graffiti Writing in NYC and Europe. Mick La Rock was asked for consultancy and interviewed. Here the full story.

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Friday Night at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Keith Haring. October 13th 2017

Mick La Rock was invited to a round table conversation about the inspiration they personally experienced by the work and life of Keith Haring, together with artists Brian Elstak, Jasper Krabbé and Jan Rothuizen.

Het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam organized a Friday Night special about the return and the display of The Velum of Keith Haring (1986).


Stedelijk Mick en Jasper ea.JPG
Stedelijk doek.JPG

Keith Haring mural in Paris restored

Keith Haring mural in Paris restored

Yesterday was a day of celebrations in Paris! The city revealed the newly restored Keith Haring mural, a colorful spectacle on a 88.5 foot high concrete column that used to house the stairwell of the Necker Children's Hospital in the 15th arrondisement.

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'30x30' Group Exhibition @CBK Zuidoost, 9 Sept-21Oct. 2017

Mick la Rock @CBK Zuidoost (Centre of Visual Arts Amsterdam South East)

Centrum Beeldende Kunst Zuidoost (Centre of Visual Arts Southeast) exhibits contemporary art by means of art, talents assignments and projects.

CBK ZO celebrates its 30 year anniversary in September 2017. For this occasion all of the artists they have been working with over the last 30 years have been invited to create a piece of work of 30x30cm for an exhibition under the same name: '30x30'.

Mick la Rock will show her latest work: oil pastels and gouache on old wood.

The festive opening takes place on Saturday September 9th
16h tot 20h
Location: CBK Zuidoost
Anton de Komplein 120
1102 DR Amsterdam
Te zien t/m 21 oktober

More information here



Mural Mick La Rock selected for 'De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2018'

Mick la Rock will be featured in the Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2018 (The Giant Dutch Art Calender 2018)

Mick la Rock has been nominated and selected for the Dutch Art Calender 2018. The calender has been curated by a committee of renowned Dutch art connaisseurs. This nearly 3 kg weighing calender is filled with work exactly 365 upcoming and established artists from various disciplines: art, design, photography, fashion and architecture.

#ViralVandalsTalks @MU_artspace Eindhoven, 17th June 2017

'This is where graffiti is living right now'


17th June 20.00h at the Student Hotel

Thanks to social media, graffiti writers have gained an extra infinite public space that is being used extensively. With #ViralVandals MU Eindhoven presents an exhibition about the second life of graffiti. Going virtually viral replaces the street in the quest for even greater visibility. New forms of expression emerge and the DNA of the scene changes irreversibly.  Also, techniques like virtual and augmented reality are within reach, which can be used to add an extra visual layer to reality.

During #ViralVandalsTalks MU host Isolde Hallensleben will discuss the future of graffiti at the crossroad of the real and virtual world. Local and international movers and shakers from the scene will be our guests, with amongst others: RJ Rushmore (author Viral Art, Vandalog), Good Guy Boris (The Grifters), Matthieu Tremblin, and Mick La Rock.

#ViralVandalsTalks is a program by MU in collaboration EMOVES, Urban Culture Festival Eindhoven, June 16-17-18, 2017. 

When: 17 June, 20.00 hrs
Where: Student Hotel Eindhoven
Tickets: € 10,- (excl. service costs) 

There is a limited amount of tickets available, buy your ticket here.


Feminist Art Docs: Premiere Girl Power Movie

May 24th 2017. House de Pinto The Netherlands. Premiere screening of Girl Power Movie, presented by Feminist Art Collective. This documentary unveils girls and women from all over the world who, with success, stand to their power in an alleged man’s graffiti community.

Mick la Rock was invited to share her views and experiences on the graffiti scene and her own career in the after talk.  She is represented in the documentary.



Mick la Rock was a guest of honor at the grand opening of the brand new graffiti Hall of Fame in Groningen. Both her birth roots as well as her graffiti roots reside in this city. Mick is one of the graffiti artists / muralists who made Groningen famous in the graffiti scene back in the 80's and 90's.

Even though Aileen nowadays lives and works in Amsterdam: she loves her city and they love her back.

The grand opening of the graffiti hall of fame was ‘decorated’ with a graffiti jam: local graffiti artists creating their art on the spot. The new hall of fame is an intitiative of Urban House Groningen in collaboration with the Municipality of Groningen.

Mick was impressed by the type of wall she was asked to decorate: a brand new viaduct. She elaborates to the reporter of Dagblad van het Noorden.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 14.52.32.png

Link to article online:


Dutch National Opera presents De Madrigalen. Exhibition by Mick La Rock, Raquel Haver, Auke Vanderhoek, Loidys Carnero.


In spring 2017 4 upcoming artists of the Amsterdam South East region were invited by the committee of the Dutch National Opera and Ballet to show their work during the enactment of Madrigals.

For this 2017 version of Monteverdi's opera The National Opera & Ballet's decor-and-costume atelier functioned as stage. Two halls were refurbished for the enactment and lobby. Aileen had the privilege to finish her large piece at location.

Participating artists:

Mick la Rock – visual artist / muralist

Auke Vanderhoek - photographer

Loidys Carnero – furniture designer / visual artist

Raquel van Haver  – visual artist / painter


Special delivery at the studio.

Special delivery at the studio.

At the decor studio.

At the decor studio.

At the National Opera & Ballet's decor studio. An artist's heaven.

At the National Opera & Ballet's decor studio. An artist's heaven.

Painting the work outside of the National Opera's decor studio: the spray paint fumes were too heavy for indoor use.

Painting the work outside of the National Opera's decor studio: the spray paint fumes were too heavy for indoor use.

Props to the prop builders.

Props to the prop builders.

Olafur . 2017  Spraypaint and acrylics on wood. 366x244cm.

Olafur. 2017

Spraypaint and acrylics on wood. 366x244cm.

Left:  Memory Garage.  series of 4. 2016-'17. Spraypaint and acrylics on canvas. 100x100cm.  Right:  No title . 2014. Spraypaint on canvas. 200x200cm.

Left: Memory Garage. series of 4. 2016-'17. Spraypaint and acrylics on canvas. 100x100cm.

Right: No title. 2014. Spraypaint on canvas. 200x200cm.

Christie's - April 2017

‘The only crime is people not recognizing graffiti as true art!’ – article for Christie’s graffiti auction.

Graffiti works on paper from the collection Martin Visser were offered for auction at Christie’s Amsterdam. This collection was acquired in the early 80’s at Gallerie Yaki Kornblit. For the online auction Christie’s devoted an online article about Yaki Kornblit and .

Via the Amsterdam Museum Christie’s was introduced to Mick La Rock, who is befriended with Kornblit through the Graffiti. New York Meets The Dam – exhibition. On Yaki’s request Mick became his spokeswoman about his gallery and story for the article.

Author: Alastair McVeigh, additional interview material provided by Mick La Rock.


Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer, 12 hour live radio madness! | 04 March 2017

MOB = Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer

Mobiele Omroep Bijlmer, 12 hour live radio madness!

Creative studio Vinger.nl en radiomaker Jesper Buursink presenteren op zaterdag 4 maart 12 uur lang sexy live FM radio met en over de Bijlmermeer vanuit Sociëteit SEXYLAND op NDSM. Te horen op de frequentie van Radio RAZO/SALTO.

Spontane radio over een buurt waar veel gebeurt en gemaakt wordt: lezingen, interviews, vreemde vogels, uitgesproken meningen, discussies, film vertoningen, kunst en kunstenaars, beeld- en sfeermakers en uiteraard live optredens van bekend en onbekend talent. De radioshow eindigt in een dikke fissa!

Met onder andere:
Mick La Rock * KC van SMIB * Chander Peroti aka Kiddo Cee * Minstrel Productions * Henno Eggenkamp aka Bijlmermuseum * Marcel van den Berg aka MvdB * Hamid El Kanbouhi * Steven Cleans * Fumilayo Koswal aka Funmilayo * Sensiriti Sound * Ike Melchizedek * Esther Macharius * DEAMS * Dret van Dret & Krulle * Weekend College amsterdam ZO * Sangiorgio Dallajee * Rachel Tokromo aka Mami Wata * RaQuel van Haver * Mizztamizzo* Jonas Ohlsson * Najiba Brakkee * Ernestine Comvalius van Krater Theater * Annet Zondervan van CBK Zuidoost * Jacob Lucas aka Jacob the Sleepyhead * Kenneth Aidoo * Sidney Wartes aka DJ Sids * Shain foundation * Mike Brantjes * In the Picture Festival * Yve Baya * Ilga Minjon en vele anderen!

Luistert zaterdag 4 maart tussen 13u00 en 01u00 naar MOB op 105.2 FM, via de kabel op 103.8, online of kom langs!

Damage: €2,50 en vanaf 22:00 €5,-

MOB wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door RAZO-Amsterdam, SALTO Amsterdam en Gemeente Amsterdam Zuidoost


ASA GO expo @GoGallery

Amsterdam Street Art and the Go Gallery shook hands and organised a full, very full show with 140 pieces of 50x50cm by 140 Dutch urban contemporary artists and street artists. With both emerginging and arrived artists, this was an interesting and very diverse show.
 21 January - 11 March 2017

Go Gallery

Prinsengracht 64
1015 DX Amsterdam

T: +31 20 422 9580


Untitled, 2017
Acrylics and spraypaint, 50 x 50 cm